Sea Legs - Greetings & Congratulations


The Commandant thanks spouses and parents for sharing their loved one with the Coast Guard

As the proud spouse or family member of a United States Coast Guardsman, you are now part of the greater Coast Guard family. The Commandant and Master Chief Petty Officer of the Coast Guard recognizes the importance of parents and families in raising exceptional men and women who volunteer to protect and defend the Constitution, our country and citizens and thanks spouses and parents for their willingness to share their loved one with the Coast Guard.  People are the foundation of any organization. That’s why Coast Guard leaders make people their number one priority. This includes the families of our servicemembers.

As a military service, the Coast Guard has its own symbols for identifying servicemembers and what they do. It has its own vocabulary and even tells time differently. All this may look and sound strange at first, but soon you will become comfortable with this new jargon — just as new Coast Guardsmen get their sea legs.

If you are new to the service, Sea Legs will help you become acquainted with life in the Coast Guard and the many benefits and resources available to you as family members. It is a personal reference guide for today’s Coast Guard family. Having a comprehensive understanding of the Coast Guard lifestyle and available resources will make it much easier for you to support your Coast Guardsman in his or her chosen career.

Even if you are a veteran of Coast Guard life, Sea Legs offers advice on challenging situations — including times of family separation during deployment and travel. From planning your moves, receiving health care, managing your finances, to morale and recreation services, Sea Legs can answer many questions about Coast Guard life or point you in the direction to have them answered.