Parental Leave

Field Support (PSC-PSD-FS)



What is the Parental Leave Program?

The program is designed to allow members taking parental leave to do so without leaving a gap at their unit. The Parental Leave Program utilizes Reserve members on ADOS orders to fill the needed augmentation. The Parental Leave Program is used for requests that exceed 41 non-chargeable leave days.  Leave that qualifies for the Parental Leave Program include prenatal leave (30 days), maternity convalescent leave (42 days), and primary caregiver leave (42 days). Surge Staffing encourages units to look within their local Reserve networks for potential candidates to fill gapped positions before sending to the Parental Leave Program. Requesting units should also recognize that a perfect backfill may not exist and are encouraged to be flexible and innovative in considering different ranks, rates, and specialties to augment the gap. Surge Staffing will make that final selection on all volunteers.


Will every gap be filled?

No, not every gap will be filled as ADOS is voluntary. Sometimes the perfect backfill may not exist, particularly in certain operational communities. Unit Commanders are encouraged to be flexible and innovative in considering different ranks/rates and specialties to augment the position if a one-for-one backfill cannot be sourced.  By name candidates are encouraged!  As requests are made, they will be solicited for volunteers on a first come first serve basis.


How long can my unit be covered?

Anywhere from 42 days to 120 days. This covers non-chargeable prenatal (30), maternity convalescent (42), and primary caregiver (42) leave. For more information on the Parental Leave policy, and what applies to you, see The Military Assignments and Authorized Absences Manual, COMDTINST M1000.8 (series).


How does the unit make its request?

The Request for Forces (RFF) process for parental leave backfill is the same as a backfill for any other position gap.  Unlike the normal steady state request, the unit does not provide any accounting information, and the backfills are sourced voluntarily through the Reserve. All DCMS and DOL units should route requests through DOL-1 and all district units should route their request through the District. The completed RFFs should be submitted to the at no less than 12 weeks prior to the due date or adoption event. Surge Staffing have final selection on volunteers for all positions.


How do I learn more?

Learn more about how to support your members through surge staffing (ALCOAST 124/19), Obtaining Personnel Resources to Meet Surge Requirements, COMDTINST M5400.1 (series), and Chapter 6 of the Military Assignments and Authorized Absences Manual, COMDINST M1000.8A