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Coast Guard opens access to offshore patrol cutter technical library


The Coast Guard opened access to the offshore patrol cutter (OPC) technical library Aug. 3. Instructions for accessing the OPC technical library can be found as Notice USCG-OPCSTAGE2-2020 at

The OPC technical library supports the Coast Guard’s full and open OPC re-compete strategy by providing updated design information that reflects the current state of OPC acquisition activities to potential offerors. Using the information provided in the OPC technical library, potential offerors are able to conduct detail design analysis and development based on the latest technical information.

The OPC technical library is an acquisition best practice previously used by the Polar Security Cutter Integrated Program Office managed by the Coast Guard and U.S. Navy. The Coast Guard anticipates this approach will enable offerors to submit sound proposals for OPC follow-on production and maintain a strong competitive acquisition environment as the program conducts a new competition to complete the OPC program of record. The Coast Guard will periodically update the technical library as new information becomes available.

The OPC acquisition program meets the service’s long-term need for cutters capable of deploying independently or as part of task groups, and is essential to stopping smugglers at sea, interdicting undocumented migrants, rescuing mariners, enforcing fisheries laws, responding to disasters and protecting ports and waterways. The acquisition of 25 OPCs will complement the capabilities of the service’s national security cutters, fast response cutters and polar security cutters as an essential element of the Department of Homeland Security’s layered maritime security strategy.

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