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Coast Guard modifies contract to construct third offshore patrol cutter, acquire long lead-time material for fourth


The Coast Guard modified its contract with Eastern Shipbuilding Group (ESG) today to begin construction of the third offshore patrol cutter (OPC) and to acquire long lead-time material (LLTM) for the fourth OPC. Contract delivery of the third OPC, to be named Ingham, is scheduled to occur in 2024. Total value of this contracting action is $356.5 million.

In addition to ordering the construction and supporting deliverables for the third OPC, this contracting action also covers the initial order of long lead-time components and materials necessary to support the future construction of the fourth OPC by acquiring propeller and steering components, marine diesel engines, the ship integrated control system, switchboards and generators.

The lead and second OPCs are currently in production at ESG’s shipyard in Panama City, Florida. Contract delivery of the lead OPC, Argus, is scheduled for 2022. Contract delivery of the second OPC, Chase, is scheduled for 2023.

The OPC meets the service’s long-term need for cutters capable of deploying independently or as part of task groups and is essential to stopping smugglers at sea, interdicting undocumented migrants, rescuing mariners, enforcing fisheries laws, responding to disasters and protecting our ports. The acquisition of up to 25 OPCs will complement the capabilities of the service’s national security cutters, fast response cutters and polar security cutters as an essential element of the Department of Homeland Security’s layered maritime security strategy. In accordance with direction from the Department of Homeland Security, the Coast Guard previously modified the contract to limit ESG’s current production to a maximum of four OPCs. The service is pursuing a full and open competition for Stage 2 design and construction of up to 11 OPCs and anticipates awarding a follow-on contract in early 2022.

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