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First full rate production cutter boat large delivered to Coast Guard fleet


The first full rate production cutter boat large, hull 22335, is delivered to Coast Guard Cutter Dauntless in Pensacola, Florida, Feb. 7, 2022. U.S. Coast Guard photo.

The Coast Guard accepted the first full rate production cutter boat large (CB-L) with delivery of 22335 to Coast Guard Cutter Dauntless in Pensacola, Florida, Feb. 7.

This is the fifth CB-L delivered. The first four were used to refine the design and configuration and for operational test and evaluation to validate that the vessel meets Coast Guard operational demands. An additional 17 CB-Ls are on order. The program of record is for up to 36 CB-Ls.

The CB-L is a high-speed, extremely maneuverable boat focused on improving the cutters’ ability to carry out missions. It utilizes a davit system for launch and recovery. CB-Ls initially will be fielded on 210-foot medium endurance cutters and 225-foot seagoing buoy tenders. Coast Guard cutters Alex Haley and Mackinaw are also planned to operate with CB-Ls in the future.

The CB-L design is the result of modifications to an existing MetalCraft Marine design to meet specific Coast Guard requirements. The requirements included providing shock-mitigating seats, a robust communications and navigation suite, and extensive interface demands (hull form, lift points, interference clearances) to support deployment on multiple classes of Coast Guard cutters. The resulting cutter boat is a highly capable law enforcement platform that can operate with a wide variety of cutters in meeting mission demands. The CB-L provides a very similar capability as other cutter boat classes for missions within line of sight of the parent cutter.

The CB-L is outfitted with the Scalable Integrated Navigation System, Generation 2 (SINS-2) to provide standardized equipment for much of the electronics suite. The standardization contract established by the Command, Control, Communication, Computer, Cyber and Intelligence Service Center with Raymarine provides a system designed specifically to meet Coast Guard needs. The SINS-2 suite for CB-L includes a multifunction display, radar, depth sounder and additional displays for heading, speed and engine operating parameters.

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