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Coast Guard provides update on invoice processing under new financial system



Industry Partners:

The Coast Guard transitioned to a new financial management and procurement system in the first quarter of fiscal year 2022. Thank you for your patience as the Coast Guard adjusts to the new Financial Systems Modernization Solution (FSMS).

Over the past several months, the Coast Guard has worked to improve business processes, enhance system functionality and reduce invoice backlogs. As a result, the Coast Guard is now paying more invoices than come in each week and has been able to reduce the invoice backlog from 27,500 to less than 10,000.

Contractors with invoice inquiries should contact the contracting officer’s representative assigned to the contract. For contracts without a contracting officer’s representative assigned, please reach out to the contracting officer to determine next steps to facilitate payment. 

For invoices related to Miscellaneous Vendor Payments and Utilities, please submit requests to the following email addresses:

For questions or inquiries related to Miscellaneous Vendor Payments or Utilities, please contact Finance Center customer service at (757) 523-6940.

Additionally, the Coast Guard has noticed that many contractors are using the incorrect method to submit their invoices, and this is further delaying requested payments.

The table below outlines the process to submit your invoices to the proper location in accordance with contracting officer instruction.

Do not submit invoices to multiple locations as this will also delay payment.

Contract Awards Invoice Submission Location

For all contracts awarded in Naval and Electronics Supply Support System (NESSS) with instructions to send the invoice to

Invoice Processing Platform (IPP) using the blank form. Invoice must be entered manually.

All other contracts awarded ON or AFTER Oct. 1, 2021, in FSMS.

Invoice Processing Platform (IPP). Creation of invoice will use available purchase order information in IPP.

All other contracts awarded ON or BEFORE Sept. 30, 2021, should go to the Coast Guard Finance Center.

NOTE: Modifications, to include exercising option periods, for these contracts will not push to IPP.

EMAIL to ONE of the following inboxes that matches your award type:

View the notice here.