The Asset Project Office's Cutter Transition Division took custody of the decommissioned 110-foot patrol boats Staten Island and Jefferson Island Oct. 17, 2014, and achieved initial operational capability Oct. 27, 2014.

Asset Project Office

Coast Guard Engineers

Delivering Integrated Logistics Systems

Building the logistics systems that keep the Coast Guard’s surface fleet mission-ready starts at the Asset Project Office (APO), which is collocated with the Surfaces Forces Logistics Center in Baltimore, Maryland. The APO is the Coast Guard’s center of expertise for developing integrated logistics support needed to transition new cutters and boats into operational service. The APO coordinates its efforts across Coast Guard technical authorities, stakeholders, and industry partners with the objective of making the Service’s newest assets supportable on day one, resulting in enhanced operational readiness and mission execution.

As cutters and boats transition from acquisition to sustainment, the APO continues to refine and mature the product support package needed by the responsible Product Line. This is vitally important work, given the complexity of the newest assets delivered to the Coast Guard fleet and the need to capture changes across multi-year shipbuilding programs.

APO bridges the cap


Programs supported by the APO:

  • Fast Response Cutter
  • National Security Cutter
  • Offshore Patrol Cutter
  • Polar Security Cutter
  • Waterways Commerce Cutter
  • In-Service Vessel Sustainment Program
  • Boats Programs
  • Major Acquisition System Infrastructure

Critical Logistics Support Elements Developed by the APO include:

  • Maintenance Procedures
  • Spare Parts
  • Technical Publications & Drawings
  • Special Tools
  • Training & Manpower
  • Supporting Infrastructure
  • Sustaining Engineering
  • Support Equipment & Special Tools
  • Product Support Management