Civilian Human Resources, Diversity and Leadership


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The Directorate of Civilian Human Resources, Diversity and Leadership is responsible for the overall direction, management and planning, coordination and administration of the Coast Guard's Service-wide civilian human resources program. The Directorate advises Coast Guard senior leadership on a wide range of sensitive and vital issues extending to matters and policies involving management of civilian personnel, diversity management for the entire Coast Guard workforce, and leadership training opportunities for every segment of the Coast Guard workforce, including workforce analysis and planning for all Service components.


Under the general direction and supervision of the Assistant Commandant for Human Resources, the Director, Civilian Human Resources, Diversity and Leadership Directorate shall:

  1. Serve as advisor to senior command officials on civilian personnel matters and issues, and bring issues of concern to their attention and their issues of concern to the workforce.
  2. Conduct special studies, research and analysis on the broad spectrum of civilian personnel and workforce management issues.
  3. Develop civilian workforce management Plans and Policies; ensure overall policy consistency with the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).
  4. Provide oversight and immediate technical control of the civilian Human Resources Management program.
  5. Oversee the diversity management programs that create and support an organizational structure that achieves, values, and maximizes the benefits derived from a diverse workforce.
  6. In coordination with the Director of Reserve and Military Personnel (CG-13), develop policies and practices that optimize the development of workforce components to assure the most efficient and effective use of available active, reserve, civilian, and Coast Guard Auxiliary human resources.
  7. Coordinate with the workforce forecasting and analysis staff to ensure appropriate decision tools are readily available to workforce program managers.
  8. Oversee the formulation of policies concerning leadership training and professional development of all Coast Guard personnel to include the Unit Leadership Development Program (ULDP), Individual Development Plan (IDP), Mentoring Programs, Leadership Training Programs, and the Career Development Advisor Program.
  9. Oversee Service policy and procedures that ensure all employees with potential for increased responsibility are provided appropriate leadership training opportunities.
  10. Liaison directly with the CG-1A Business Operations Staff to coordinate resource/financial management issues (e.g. budgeting, distribution of funds, executing current year budgets, etc.) impacting the Directorate.