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Coast Guard Mentoring Program

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About the Program

The Coast Guard Mentoring Program offers expanded leadership opportunities and connection for our active duty, reservist and civilian workforce. The program goes beyond traditional mentoring and offers 4 types of mentoring “tracks” or connections tailored specifically to individual needs and scheduling preferences. It's powered by software that can automatically match thousands of mentors and mentees simultaneously based on their professional interests and backgrounds. 

And the best part is, it's FREE and accessible via your mobile device or your computer.

Why Enroll?

  • It's easy to access via the app on your phone or on your computer
  • Connect and network with others in the Communities Marketplace.
  • Collaborate and share resources with your peers anytime, anywhere
  • It's flexible. There are one-time, short-term and 6 month mentoring options

Types of Mentoring Connections

 To help you take your career to the next level, the Coast Guard Mentoring Program offers three types of mentoring connections.


  • One-to-One: Connect with a mentor, gain insight from senior leaders, develop new skills and pursue your personal and professional goals in a one-to-one setting via on ongoing or one-time "flash" connection.
  • Communities Marketplace: Satisfy your unique learning needs via a peer-run networking group that focuses on topics and skills specific to you. There are over 155 Communities to join including affinity groups, ratings, career specialties and more. Join as many or as few as you like to connect and collaborate with your peers across the Service.
  • Fresh Perspectives - Insight from Future Leaders: This unique and modern approach to mentoring empowers emerging leaders to share their insight and point of view with senior leaders.
  • Welcome Aboard: A civilian sponsorship program designed to help new civilians seamlessly transition into the Coast Guard in their first 90 days.

Using the App

The app, available in any app store, makes the program even easier to access via a mobile device. App users can opt-in to receive instant notifications that will be displayed on their mobile device screen whenever a message is received. It also includes many of the same features as the web-based program including the ability to filter and search for mentors, connecting with a mentor, sending instant messages, setting goals, sending meeting invitations, joining a community, sharing resources, posting to a discussion, and so much more. 

Engaging & Collaborating

Once you've enrolled, now it's time so start engaging with others.

  • Select from the suggested matches or use the search and filtering capability to find the specific types of connections in which you are interested.
  • Don't have time for an ongoing commitment, but still want to connect with others in the Coast Guard? Check out One-to-One Mentoring or the Communities Marketplace where you can network with your peers.
  • When you join a Communities Marketplace group, introduce yourself to the group and share why you joined. Welcome others when they join. Check-in regularly to see what's new, participate in discussions, share resources and collaborate with others.

Read more about the Coast Guard Mentoring Program

Download the app: Search for Chronus Mobile in your app store and enter your Coast Guard email address.

Download the Unit Mentoring Program Toolkit here. (CAC required to access)


Become a mentor: Mentoring Toolkit

Take the e-Learning Mentoring Course (search mentoring)

Have questions? Contact the Mentoring Program Office in the Office of Leadership at