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Leadership Assessment Survey



The Leadership Assessment Survey  (LAS) is a tool that provides commands, teams, or staffs a mechanism to gauge the overall leadership environment and effectiveness. The LAS is not a 360 Leadership Assessment, which is currently required for all CG Flag Officers and SES members per the 2015 CG Authorization Act and ALCOAST 330/18. For members wanting a 360 Leadership Assessment, many of our courses like MOCTC and CPOACAD, offer this opportunity to collect direct feedback from peers and subordinates. The POC for 360 Leadership Assessments for Executives is Ms. Brianne Alvis (Brianne.E.Alvis@uscg.mil).

Please note: If you identify an issue from the survey results that appears to be a violation to the Employee Equal Opportunity policy, please contact your local EEO representative.


The Leadership Assessment Survey (LAS) is derived from, and was a component of, the former Unit Leadership Development Program (ULDP).  The LAS is a 36-question survey that provides post-survey results to measure unit leadership and effectiveness in the areas of Leading Self, Leading Others, Leading Performance and Change and Leading the Coast Guard.  Participation in the LAS is not required, but highly encouraged for any unit, department, or team who desires a real-time snapshot of its leadership environment and unit cohesion.  LAS does not replace the DEOCS.  Please note: you must have a minimum of ten people with eight responses to participate.

LAS Step-by-Step

  1. Designate a Point of Contact (POC) at your unit.
  2. The POC requests to participate by clicking the "Participate Now" button below.
  3. The LAS Administrator creates and distributes invitations for participation utilizing the information provided from the request to participate.
  4. Results are analyzed and the report is generated.
  5. Survey results are delivered to the unit POC by the LAS Administrator.

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Once you have completed the LAS, check out these resources:



ALCOAST 329/18: https://cg.portal.uscg.mil/library/generalmessages/General%20Messages/GENMSG2018/ALCOAST/329-18_ALCOAST.txt

Program Manager

For questions or concerns please contact PERS2 Nicole McKenzie, CG-128 at nicole.e.mckenzie@uscg.mil or (202) 475-5518.
Congratulations and thank you for taking a proactive leadership role at your unit!