Personal Property Shipping Office - PPSO
Base Miami Beach

Transportation Officer- Ms. Maxine Wilson-Bacon (305) 216-8037

Non-Temporary Storage (NTS)

NTS is long-term storage (6 to 36 months) of household goods and is usually only authorized for specific circumstances:

  • Arduous Duty
  • Long term training
  • Overseas Duty
  • Restricted Assignments
  • Other

Great care should be taken in separating items being placed into NTS. Once shipped and stored, you may not be able to retrieve individual items.

Service members must request an extension of their NTS entitlement if their rotation date changes or if additional time is needed for other reasons. Once the NTS entitlement expires, all storage fees become the responsibility of the service member.  All requests for extensions must be sent through the parent Service.

Delivery of household goods in NTS should be arranged through the nearest Transportation Office.

REMEMBER: It is the member's responsibility to notify the Transportation Office of any change in orders or other information affecting the member's entitlement to ship or store his/her household goods.

For additional information related to NTS, call (305) 278-6800