Personal Property Shipping Office - PPSO
Base Miami Beach

Transportation Officer- Ms. Maxine Wilson-Bacon (305) 216-8037

Personally Procured Moves (PPM)
(Formerly known as Do-It-Yourself or DITY Moves)

Any member authorized to ship household goods at government expense may perform a SPM, which is designed to allow you to move your own household goods and receive a monetary incentive payment of up to 95% of what it would cost the government to move you.  This includes members with orders for PCS, Separation, Retirement, or assignment to, from, or between government quarters. You must first obtain counseling and approval from your Transportation Office. Additional details can be obtained from your outbound counselor.

If you’d like to perform a SPM, please complete a PPM worksheet  and fax back it to 305-278-6801 with a copy of orders. Don't forget to contact your counselor to confirm receipt and schedule an appointment for counseling (normally Wednesdays).

Note About Taxes:
If you draw an advance operating allowance, taxes are NOT deducted. Taxes will be deducted from the financial profit on the final settlement. (Total taxes 27.5% = 19.85% Federal and 7.65% FICA).

NOTE: All SPMs require advanced approval from the Transportation Office. The government may not reimburse you if you failed to obtain counseling and authorization to perform a SPM.

Do It Yourself/Self-Procured Move Checklist

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