Revised Periodic Health Assessment
Flag Voice #484

Beginning in March 2018, the Coast Guard will implement a new Periodic Health Assessment (PHA).  The new PHA will be the same one used by the other military services and will have three components: (1) a questionnaire filled out online by Coast Guard personnel; (2) a medical record and readiness review by a Health Services Technician; and (3) a face-to-face appointment with a medical provider. 

The new questionnaire is longer than the old one, but it’s much more thorough and is based on the best and most current medical evidence available.  It also includes a Mental Health Assessment as required by the National Defense Authorization Act.  The new questionnaire is designed to ensure that the medical readiness of each of our military personnel is maximized while also ensuring that we each get the specific preventive services (like cancer screening) that are recommended for us.

In response to feedback from operational commanders and members, we’ve made changes that will allow units improved flexibility in scheduling PHAs.  Members are no longer held to the birth month requirement; as long as each member gets a PHA at least every 12 months, operational commanders can allow members to get PHAs up to six months early to allow for synchronization of PHAs.  When a PHA is due, it will be tracked in CGBI; keep in mind that CGBI can be set up to send an alert when a PHA or other medical readiness items are coming due.

The process of starting a PHA has also changed.  Members must first complete the new questionnaire online.  Then, members must contact their Coast Guard clinic, Department of Defense clinic, or cognizant Health Services Technician (for Reserve Health Readiness Program users) to schedule their PHA appointment.

A PHA Job Aid for all Coast Guard personnel can be found at

ALCOAST COMMANDANT NOTICE 027/18 announces the new PHA COMDTINST.  If you have any questions, please contact CDR Shane Steiner at

RDML William G. Kelly
Assistant Commandant for Human Resources

Issue date:   ‎3‎/‎19‎/‎2018