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Procedures & Development (P&D) Branch

On-Demand Virtual Road Shows

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Welcome to the Procedures and Development (P&D) Branch Virtual Road Show designed to allow you to develop your own training.  Should you find topics that need amplification or you wish for us to include a topic, you may contact us at:  PPC-PF-PD@uscg.mil

Reserve Workshop

Below, you will find a comprehensive list of virtual recordings designed to assist you in creating your own Reserve Workshop.  If you need assistance in developing a particular topic, we offer a variety of training aids including explanatory guides, power points designed to assist you in your own training (you may alter these as you wish), informational material and links to where more information resides.

Topic  Recordings
Annual Screening Questionnaire

Five minute video presentation for entering an Annual Screening Questionnaire (reserve member self-service).

Inactive Duty for Training (IDT)

Five minute video presentation for Entering an IDT (Reserve Drill) request (member self-service) in Direct Access.

Nine minute video presentation for viewing a member's IDT drills in Direct Access.

Twelve minute video presentation for scheduling and approving a Multiple IDT (Reserve Drill) requests (self-service for commands) in Direct Access. 

Ten minute video presentation for scheduling and approving an IDT (Reserve Drill) request (self-service for commands) in Direct Access. 

Active Duty (AD) Orders Sixteen minute video on Reserve Active Duty Orders .

Thirteen minute video on the Release from Active Duty (RELAD) process.
Mobilization Fifteen minute video presentation on how to Apply for Mobilization Opportunities (member self-service) in Direct Access. 
Reserve Points / Member Balances

Five minute video presentation on viewing the My Reserve Drills Report  and the All Duty Report (reserve member self-service).

Twenty five minute video explaining the Reserve Retirement Points Statement 

Two minute video presentation on viewing a reserve member's all duty report.

Advancements Twenty minute video presentation on the Advancement Process for reserve component members.

Retirement / 
RC-Survivor Benefit Plan
Twelve minute video presentation on Reserve Retirement.

Twelve minute video presentation on the Reserve Component Survivor Benefit Plan (RCSBP).


Human Resources Workshop

Our Human Resources Workshop, also composed of virtual recordings, offers similar information but its emphasis is on Coast Guard Active Duty presentations and is of primary interest to SPO personnel:

Coming soon! Please check back for updates.

Other/Unique Topics of Interest

We also offer various other unique presentations listed below:



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