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Morale, Well-Being and Recreation (MWR)

Base Alameda's main MWR office is located in the Gym (Bldg. 16) on Coast Guard Island. Please note that the MWR Ticket Office in Bldg 22 (CGX building) closed for an indefinite amount of time as of 1530 Friday 27 February 2015. It is now referred to as the MWR Equipment Rental Office and is open Monday through Friday for equipment rentals from 0800-1400 hours. For ticket purchases, you can contact the Petaluma Ticket Office at 707-765-7341.

Authorized Patrons and Priority Basis:

The following personnel are authorized patrons of MWR facilities and, if necessary, will be prioritized in the order shown. Certain restrictions apply (see following restrictions).

  1. Active duty personnel and eligible dependents
  2. Members of the Ready Reserve
  3. Reserves in training
  4. Members of the National Guard and their dependents
  5. Retired military personnel and eligible dependents
  6. Government employees attached to Coast Guard Island and Coast Guard Auxiliary

MWR Points of Contact

  • Area MWR Director, (510) 437-3579
  • Auto Hobby Shop, (510) 437-3883
  • Branch Accountant, (510) 437-3832
  • Gym Front Desk, (510) 437-3580
  • Novato Temp Quarters Manager, (415) 506-3130
  • Equipment Rental Office, (510) 437-3548/5350
  • RV Lot Storage/Facility Reservation, (510) 437-5350