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Coast Guard transfers third HC-130J to Air Station Kodiak


HC130J outfitted with Minotaur Mission System

CGNR 2010, an HC-130J Super Hercules long range surveillance aircraft outfitted with the Minotaur Mission System Suite, arrived at Coast Guard Air Station Kodiak, Alaska, March 31, 2019. It is the third HC-130J with Minotaur to be stationed there. U.S. Coast Guard photo provided by Lt. Cmdr. Hunter Atherton.

The Coast Guard transferred an HC-130J Super Hercules long range surveillance aircraft, CGNR-2010, to Air Station Kodiak, Alaska, March 31. The aircraft is the third of five HC-130Js that will be stationed there.

The HC-130J features more advanced engines and propellers, which provide a 20 percent increase in speed and altitude, and a 40 percent increase in range over the HC-130H Hercules model. The updated liquid oxygen system will allow the crew to fly at higher altitudes, providing a better vantage point for many missions. These aircraft are also outfitted with the Minotaur Mission System Suite, which provides increased capabilities for use of the sensors, radar and intelligence-gathering equipment.

These improvements enable the Coast Guard to better respond to mariners in peril by improving response times, extending time on scene for searches, law enforcement patrols, and increasing effectiveness and versatility in Alaska’s challenging weather and terrain. For example, the improvements enable the HC-130J to execute precise air-delivery drops of survival gear to mariners in zero-visibility conditions.

Two additional HC-130Js are scheduled to arrive at Kodiak in 2019. The five HC-130Js will complement Kodiak’s current fleet of six MH-60s and four MH-65s. As HC-130J deployments continue, the remaining three HC-130Hs will be removed. Those outgoing aircraft will support HC-130H long range surveillance operations at other air stations or be disposed of once all usable parts are salvaged to support the remaining HC-130H and HC-130J fleet.

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