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NSC Midgett works with Navy destroyer to complete cocaine interdiction


NSC Midgett

National Security Cutter (NSC) Midgett and Navy Destroyer Michael Murphy joined forces July 25, interdicting approximately 2,100 pounds of cocaine in the Pacific. The Navy ship sighted the suspicious vessel, recovered objects that had been jettisoned from the vessel into the water, and remained alongside it until the Coast Guard cutter arrived. NSC crew members boarded the vessel and took three suspects into custody. The objects recovered from the water tested positive for cocaine; the boarding crew seized more onboard.

This is the second time Midgett – which will be commissioned later this month in Honolulu – has made headlines. On July 8, the eighth NSC aided a sailboat in distress off the coast of North Carolina, staying with it until fast response cutter Nathan Bruckenthal arrived and towed it back to shore. U.S. Coast Guard photo.

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