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Coast Guard awards contract for long range interceptor III cutter boats


Preliminary general arrangement drawing of the third generation of long range interceptor cutter boats to be made for the Coast Guard. Courtesy of MetalCraft Marine U.S. Inc.

The Coast Guard awarded an indefinite-delivery, indefinite-quantity contract to MetalCraft Marine U.S. Inc. of Watertown, New York, May 23 for construction, testing, delivery and logistical support for the third generation of long range interceptor (LRI III) cutter boats. The contract has a total potential value of $31.3 million. The Coast Guard plans to acquire up to 17 LRI IIIs.

At just under 35 feet in length, the LRI is the larger of two types of cutter boats that are deployed from national security cutters (NSCs). The LRI III is a twin-engine, twin-waterjet driven boat, capable of speeds of 40 knots. The boats will be equipped with a robust navigation and communication system that allows each LRI III to deploy over the horizon, beyond the line of sight of the cutter. The LRI III has a semi-enclosed cabin for protection from weather with interior shock-mitigating seating for five and six additional shock-mitigating seats outside the cabin on the aft deck. The LRI III will replace the current fleet of LRI IIs as those boats approach the end of their service life.

The LRI cutter boat platform is designed to augment Coast Guard NSC mission effectiveness by projecting the parent cutter’s over-the-horizon capability in search and rescue, drug and migrant interdiction, living marine resources, defense readiness, and ports, waterway and coastal security missions.

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