Transgender Service Member Program

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Transgender Service Members

It is vital to have open and honest communication with your leadership/command when discussing the gender transition process.  This will enable you to convey your needs as well as address any questions or concerns from your leadership. Following the policy and procedures along with open communication will facilitate a timely and complete process.

Gender Transition under COMDTINST M1000.13 (hereafter referred to as “the manual”) generally follows a two step process.  First you will submit a Gender Transition Request through your chain of command for approval by the Personnel Service Center Commander.  Second, you will submit a request to have your DEERS gender marker changed. 

Gender Transition Requests (GTR):

  • The first step in the process is to secure a medical diagnosis and a medical treatment plan from your Military Medical Provider (MMP).  If your MMP does not have the expertise to make the initial diagnosis and develop the treatment plan they may refer you to a civilian provider.  If the diagnosis and treatment plan are from a non-military medical provider (non-MMP), your MMP will review, and if appropriate validate the non-MMP's diagnosis and treatment plan.  Treatment plan elements are listed in Chapter 7 of the manual.
  • Once received; notify your command of the diagnosis and medical treatment plan indicating that gender transition is medically necessary and desired.  Work with your command and MMP to develop a transition plan that covers the elements of Chapter 8 of the manual.
  • Many GTRs will include requests for exemption to policy (ETP).  These exceptions need to be thoroughly discussed with your local command to ensure that everyone is on the same page and to determine the ability to accommodate.
  • After the plan is developed; submit your GTR through your chain of command with a first endorsement (not just signature) by first O-6 to CG PSC.
  • Per the manual, CH 3.D.3, Commander (CG PSC) must approve the GTR and medical treatment plan before a transgender member may begin medical treatment, other than behavioral health screening and treatment. 

DEERS Gender Marker Change Requests:

  • Upon completion of your transition plan and determination from your MMP that you are stable in your new gender, submit a request for the DEERS gender marker change.  This request is routed in the same manner as the GTR.
  • CG PSC will approve fully supported marker change requests and direct PPC to make the change to DEERS on a specific date.  Please note that state court documentation needs to be specific to gender change, not simply a name change.

Commands may send Gender Transition Requests, Gender Marker Changes and submit questions to the Service Central Coordination Cell (SCCC) and CG PSC by emailing:

Members who have any questions about the transition process may send an email to