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Transition and Relocation Assistance Manager (TRM) 
Angela LeMaster

Office Phone (206) 217-6615



The Transition and Relocation Manager (TRM) provides assistance with questions regarding Survivor Benefit Program (SBP), Veterans Group Life Insurance (VGLI), transition assistance, retirements, VA home loan program and more.

Contact TRM for additional course options if needed

Purpose of Program
The Transition Assistance Program is designed to provide career and job skills information to people transitioning from military service into the civilian workforce.
Objectives of Program
The Transition Assistance Program prepares participants to:
1. Analyze their skills and experience, likes and dislikes about work, and their work values and assess how these should affect their job search decisions.
2. Identify their needs and goals, then compare them with information about jobs in various industries and locations.
3. Identify the skills necessary for conducting a successful job search . Participants will write a resume, a sample cover letter and begin taking steps to develop their network of contacts.
4. Answer questions in a job interview and identify behaviors they need to strengthen or change.
5. Evaluate and respond to job offers.
6. Identify the agencies and organizations available to provide job search assistance and information on their Veteran’s benefits.