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Pay & Personnel News Updates from our Branches

Enlisted Reserve Advancement Announcement


ALCGRSV 060/21

R 211101Z SEP 21   
R 21 SEP 21
UNCLAS //N01430//
ALCGRSV 060/21
A. Enlistments, Accessions, Evaluations and Advancements Manual, COMDTINST 
B. Reserve Policy Manual, COMDTINST M1001.28(series)
C. Coast Guard Weight and Body Fat Standards Program Manual, COMDTINST M1020.8(series)
1. The following members are eligible for advancement or change in
rating to fill Selected Reserve vacancies 1 October 2021, provided the 
requirements of Art. 3.A of REF A and Art. 7.C of REF B are met.
2. Commanding Officers shall immediately notify those members eligible 
for advancement and take the appropriate administrative action.  
Commanding Officers may withhold or cancel advancements of ineligible 
personnel IAW REF B and Art. 3.A.1 of REF C. When an advancement is withheld or 
cancelled, the Commanding Officer shall immediately notify Pay & 
Personnel Center (ADV) by email via AOIX at CMD-SMB-CG-PPC and info CMD-SMB-
CG-PSC. Please note C2OIX does not transfer to AOIX.
3. Members may be advanced to the rating/paygrade indicated.
Rank     Name             	   DEPTID               SPOID  
BMC      Micah Weinstein           000567               002667 
BMC      Zachary Butcher           000323               042030 
BMC      Nicholas Newhall          038611               045431 
BMC      Brannon Simpson           000322               042030 
BMC      Andrew Bartos             000199               042191 
BMC      James Ketcham             000746               041675 
BMC      Justin Vandusen           000467               041675 
BMC      Shannon Krisko            006942               045431 
BM1      Chad West                 000408               042191 
BM1      Erik Sorkness             000471               042822 
BM1      Matthew Medlin            006828               046017 
BM1      Andres Oquendo            006828               046017 
BM1      David Reckart             000249               042311 
BM2      Taylor Clark              000559               042030 
BM2      Kyle Harty                000328               006420 
DCC      John Brennan              038615               045431
DCC      Jonah Jones               038481               002420
EMC      Shawn Whelan              007285               045431
ETC      John Eschardies           044179               042632
ET1      Leslie Daniel             004546               045431
GM1      Nicholas Alexander        038616               045431
GM1      Jason Sapp                036152               042311
ISCS     Kevin Zwiker              007849               042191
IS2      Logan Devine              007492               041675
ITC      Allen Benedetti           044211               042599
IT1      Samuel Everett            004612               042822
MECS     Jacob Smith               007612               046604
ME2      Jaime Mendoza             038683               038079
ME2      Edward Estrada            038683               038079
ME2      Tano Thuvasin             000772               038079
ME2      Levi Swindell             000772               038079
ME2      Madison Hess              000772               038079
ME2      Sean Ancker               000447               042191
ME2      Anthony Lindemann         000281               041675
ME2      Michael Klosowski         007290               045431
MKC      Vincent Petracco          000741               006420
MKC      Micah Keech               007537               046604
MKC      Haley Nix                 038614               045431
MKC      Stephon Bryanjames        000772               038079
MKC      John Ebert                038635               041675
MKC      Edgardo Leon              038662               042632
MKC      Daniel Hearn              000272               041675
MKC      Joe Harrington            038672               042599
MKC      Michael Caruso            038615               045431
MK1      Christopher Lebaron       038686               038079
MK1      James Hazen               038642               042311
MK1      Alexis David              036435               038079
MK1      Kyle Saunders             042559               042312
MK1      Thomas Romano             044226               042599
MK1      Allen Crawford            000190               042191
MK1      James Hurst               038626               046734
MK1      Peter Anderson            000534               042191
MK1      Ryan Mebane               038626               046734
MK2      Mckenzie Menchyk          038363               046604
MK2      Jacob Nadler              044223               042030
MK2      John Mcgoldrick           000678               045431
MST2     Kelly Link                007652               042191
MST2     Alexander Dutton          007500               041675
MST2     Emory Haynie              007502               041675
MST2     Nicholas Phillips         007712               042311
MST2     Justin Upshaw             007337               042632
MST2     Eric Collevechio          007326               042632
MST2     Brendan Crotty            007572               042599
SK2      Natalia Griffard          007527               046604
SK2      Andrew Barile             007644               046604
YN2      Victor Weyant             038658               042191 
YN2      Jeniki Aguon              007416               007416 
YN2      Karl Spiesman             042822               042822 
YN2      Chelsey Grantham          007631               046017 
4. The rank order number for each individual identified for advancement 
in the ERAA is no longer indicated. The original rank order number may 
be found at the Pay and Personnel Center website:
http://cgweb.ppc.uscg.mil/adv, but is subject to change. IAW REF D, EMPLIDs are not 
listed. This ERAA, to include unit designations will be available on PPC's website.
5. Commanding Officers shall ensure personnel advancing to pay grades
E-7 thru E-9 obligate required service prior to advancement per Art.
3.A.21.c of REF A.
6. The Commanding Officer's recommendation for advancement (Ready) must
be maintained for the period from recommendation to advancement.  In
addition, E-7, E-8, and E-9 candidates must not have an unsatisfactory
conduct mark on an enlisted evaluation for 24 months prior to the
terminal eligibility date.  Personnel failing to maintain the CO's
recommendation (Ready) for this period shall be invalidated from the
Servicewide Exam in which they participated. Personnel who have been
invalidated must be recommended and qualify again through a new SWE
7. Upon approved advancement, members are authorized to change their
RANK as it appears in the Global Address List (GAL) from the Self
Service portal at https://EDMS.uscg.mil/SelfService. This can be done
as a standard user without requiring admin-privileges, does not require
a call to CGFIXIT, and does not require a CGFIXIT Ticket. See this
self-help tech-tip for more information at
8. POCs for this message are CWO3 Juan C. Deliz, email: 
Juan.C.Deliz@uscg.mil, phone: 202-795-6506 or YNC Thomas Maldonado, email: 
Thomas.Maldonado@uscg.mil, phone: 202-795-6500 
9. CAPT Michael W. Batchelder, Chief, Reserve Personnel Management Division, CG
Personnel Service Center, sends.
10. Internet release authorized.