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Pay & Personnel News Updates from our Branches

Enlisted Advancement Authorization (EPAA)


All Coast Guard Enlisted (ALCGENL) message 048/23 announces enlisted advancements effective 01 March 2023.  There is a spreadsheet available on PPC's Advancement CG SharePoint Online site that you can sort by unit or SPO for your convenience.

R 171749Z MAR 23 MID600052885081U
ALCGENL 048/23
A. Enlistments, Evaluations, and Advancements, COMDTINST M1000.2(series)
C. Body Composition Standards Program, COMDTINST 1020.8 (series)
1. The following personnel may be advanced to the rating/paygrade
indicated effective 01 April 2023 provided the requirements of Refs
A through C are met:
AMTC Christopher Rumsey 000289 041675
AMT2 Jacob Colleton 000768 006420
AMT2 Andre Dawkins 000289 041675
AST2 Thomas Sizer 036422 038079
BMCS Michael Bennett 000528 042599
BM2 Travis Park 000590 041675
BM2 Daniel Sommerfeld 000279 041675
BM2 Will Cusenza 046722 042632
BM2 Brady Lombard 000449 045431
BM2 Daniel Johanson 000157 042632
BM2 Hayden Laroche Albert 000564 045431
BM2 Carson Ward 000560 006420
BM2 Matthew Green 000241 002420
BM2 Matthew Buccino 000353 002667
BM2 Adrian Hakes 038574 042311
BM2 Mathew Edge 000133 038079
BM2 Ambryia Martin 000596 042311
DC2 Mikaela Mackenzie‐Lawrenc 046987 042256
DC2 Sean Casey 000121 042256
DC2 Samuel Heilig 000098 045431
DC2 Jaiden Strickland 044226 042599
DC2 Christian Fernandez 009525 042599
DV1 Matthew Rutten 009199 042632
EM2 David Condra 000463 042191
EM2 Joseph Dube 046992 042256
EM2 Freddie Romero 000515 042030
EM2 William Mcdonald 005756 046017
EM2 Miguel Chavarria 047733 042632
ETC Steven Perez 046602 046604
ET1 Joshua Meyrick 000099 041675
ET2 Evan Canales 044215 045431
ET2 Darren Gilkey 000092 042030
ET2 David Beatty 044211 042599
ET2 Trot Gosselin 000098 045431
ET2 Nicholas Odaniels 046992 042256
ET2 Kyle Griffiths 004609 042191
ET2 Braeden Mullins 004614 046604
HS1 Jacob Coulter 010316 002371
HS1 Chelsea Bersani 041685 041675
HS1 Gerhardi Underhay 042909 042898
HS2 Kiye Collins 010342 042191
HS2 Kevin Gomez 042835 045431
HS2 Carter Evans 044030 006420
HS2 Anthony Lebaron 044030 006420
HS2 Emory Jordan 042835 045431
IS1 Matthew Palantino 000097 042030
IS1 Killian Carney 037448 042822
IS1 John Roberts 000515 042030
IS1 Patrick Saragoza 009020 042822
IS2 Joseph Clemensen 044609 042822
IS2 Gryphon Smith 007444 042191
IS2 Joseph Gardner 007279 045431
IS2 Christopher Jones 009592 042599
IS2 Joseph Rosio 007515 042191
IS2 Lyndon Engle 002296 042822
IS2 Clayton Garcia 009592 042599
ITC Raymond Frank 004566 041675
ITC Jason Bradley 044202 042256
ITC Erwin Corwin 004536 046017
IT2 Jonathan Thompson 038252 042822
IT2 Morgan Hite 004521 007416
IT2 Robert Sjoberg 003497 002371
IT2 John Chandler 003497 002371
IT2 John Strickland 004609 042191
IT2 Ryan Wright 047723 042030
IT2 Shane Concepcion 004541 045431
IT2 Joshua Grothe 004526 042898
IT2 Peter Quinones 004881 002371
IT2 Cameron Rocker 044417 046017
ME1 Jacob Brasker 038568 042632
ME2 Colin Ryan 036466 038079
ME2 Joshua Grutzius 044750 042632
ME2 Quincy Hodges 007373 002420
ME2 Derek Van Holt 000098 045431
ME2 Trey Dallas 038440 041675
ME2 Nicholas Casias 046987 042256
ME2 Logan Cornog 042893 042898
MKCS Andrew Castengera 000741 006420
MK2 Trevor Dupuis 000132 038079
MK2 Jacob Fonville 000157 042632
MSTCM Jeremy Thomas 007286 045431
MSTCS Allie Lee 008099 042312
MSTC Michael Berlin 048999 042822
MSTC Brian Dove 004463 042898
MST2 Meghan Kaufmann 007764 042312
MST2 Alyssa Massores 000543 042311
MST2 Daniel Davy 007865 042191
OS1 Tyler Campbell 000087 002420
OS2 Trevor Mcclain 007581 042030
OS2 Mark Klingel 007514 042191
OS2 Ericka Alejo Salcedo 008360 045431
OS2 Gianni Vinson 007573 042599
OS2 Joseph Falcon 046582 042030
OS2 Brandon Olsen 007294 042822
OS2 Kyle Sponseller 038492 042030
OS2 Madison Robinson 007747 042311
OS2 Eric Ungetheim 007427 042191
SK2 Taylor Wood 008094 042312
SK2 George De Berardinis 048166 046604
SK2 John Harvill 000616 042599
YN2 Miranda Cantu 049298 038079
YN2 Eric Martin 041674 041675
YN2 Ashley Fisher 042821 042822
YN2 Dechaun Lewis 010087 042822
YN2 Arman Purganan 042297 042311
YN2 Ashley Somers 042897 042898
YN2 Joshua Escalera‐Chaves 007535 046604
YN2 Brandon Shepard 038078 038079
YN2 Augustine Dattoli 045431 045431
YN2 Ariel Alessandrini 007864 042191
YN2 Jessica Deas 010093 010093
2. The Commanding Officer's (CO's) recommendation for advancement (Ready)
must be maintained for the period from recommendation to advancement.
In addition, E‐7, E‐8, and E‐9 candidates must not have an unsatisfactory
conduct mark on an enlisted evaluation for 24 months prior to the
terminal eligibility date. Personnel failing to maintain the CO's
recommendation (Ready) for this period shall be invalidated from the
Service Wide Exam (SWE) and Master Chief Advancement Panel (MCAP) in
which they participated. Personnel who have been invalidated must be
recommended and qualify again through a new SWE or MCAP competition.
3. COs shall determine if advancement eligibility requirements for the
authorized grade have been met. Per Ref B, specific changes and
instructions for EPQs and RPQs are now captured in a semi‐annual memo
approved by FORCECOM Training Division at http://cglink.uscg.mil/
320dcb99. If appropriate, a CO shall withhold or cancel the advancement
of ineligible personnel per Article 3.A.21, 3.A.27.f or 4.D.3 of Ref A.
When advancement is to be withheld or cancelled, the CO shall advise
PPC (ADV) by e‐mail via AOIX at CMD‐SMB‐CG‐PPC with CG PSC as
information addressee at CMD‐SMB‐CG‐PSC. Please note C2OIX does not
transfer to AOIX. See CG PSC‐EPM's SharePoint site at
for additional guidance.
4. Per Ref D, the requirement for all E‐6 members to attend the Chief
Petty Officer Academy (CPOACAD) prior to advancement to Chief Petty
Officer is temporarily suspended. Members must attend CPOACAD prior to
advancement to Senior Chief Petty Officer. Members must have
successfully completed the Senior Enlisted Leadership Course (SELC)
prior to advancement to Master Chief Petty Officer. COMDT (CG‐128) is
the Program Manager for the enlisted leadership continuum and the
single point of contact for all requests for CPOACAD and SELC waivers
from advancement policy.
5. Per Article 3.A.10 of Ref A, personnel in certain ratings must meet
security clearance requirements for advancement.
6. COs shall ensure personnel advancing to pay grades E‐7 thru E‐9
obligate required service prior to advancement per Article 3.A.21.c of
Ref A.
7. The rank order number for each individual identified for advancement
in the EPAA is no longer indicated. The original rank order number may
be found at the Pay and Personnel Center SharePoint site
20Service%20Validation%20and%20Data%20Corrections.aspx but is subject to change.
This EPAA, to include unit designations, will be available on PPC's Sharepoint
8. Upon approved advancement, members are authorized to change their
RANK as it appears in the Global Address List (GAL) from the Self
Service portal at https://EDMS.uscg.mil/SelfService. This can be done
as a standard user without requiring admin‐privileges, does not require
a call to CGFIXIT, and does not require a CGFIXIT Ticket. See this
self‐help tech‐tip for more information at
9. CAPT J. A. Carter, Chief, Enlisted Personnel Management Division, CG
Personnel Service Center, sends.
10. Internet release authorized.