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Updated - How to Submit PCS Advance Request and File PCS Travel Claims


Until a new system is in place for PCS claims, we're using a combination of TPAX and ETS to calculate, approve, and payout PCS advances and claims. Follow this procedure to submit PCS advances or claimsupdated.  Also see "TPAX Profile Creation for New Accessions Required for PCS Travel Advances Claims".

Use this guide as a supplement to Personnel & Pay Procedures Manual, PPCINST M1000.2 (series), Chapter 4, Movement of Personnel (and the references therein). This guide provides the process for using T-PAX and ETS to facilitate payment of PCS advances and claims. The procedures in the PPPM shall be followed for the preparation of PCS orders advances, and claims

  • In the May 6, 2022 update we added a PCS Advances Walkthrough. This section walks a user through the procedure for completing an advance request in ETS. It was provided by YN2 Heather Everett, TRACEN Petaluma.
  • In the April 14, 2022 update:
    • We removed "TLE" from the list of POETs that transfer from ETS to DA. Only Member Travel, Dependent Travel, and DLA POETs are transferring to ETS. 
    • The YN or other administrative support professional, working the orders in ETS, must have their ETS profile adjusted to reflect "ETS Travel for Other Roles" to submit advances on the behalf of members. The AO or supervisor must submit a trouble ticket to PPC to request the permission change.
  • In the April 13, 2022 update we removed the note to enter DLA, TLE, and other travel amounts in the member travel line in the DA orders. These lines now have their own POETs and are transferring, successfully, from DA to ETS. (Correction: TLE doesn't transfer to ETS).
  • In the April 6, 2022 update we removed the requirement from the FY 21 PCS Voucher Process to update the obligation in DA when the amount due is $3,000 or more. This step isn't necessary.
  • Use this line of accounting (LOA) - 2/P/201/199/21/0/RA/78040/2104 - in TPAX for PCS claims. 
  • Ensure the member’s ETS account is ENABLED (accounts are disabled after 90 days of inactivity) and the major/minor customer reflects the member’s current unit. If the ETS account is not enabled prior to the order being pushed from DA to ETS, the Open Authorization (OA) will not be created in ETS.

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PCS Advance Process ChartPCS Claim Process