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Pay & Personnel News Updates from our Branches

Hardship Duty Pay-Restriction of Movement and other COVID-19 Pay and Allowances


ALCOAST 278/20 formally authorizes, as of 03 April 2020, HARDSHIP DUTY PAY-RESTRICTION OF MOVEMENT (HDP-ROM) and other temporary policy changes for several travel allowance, Food Service policy, and certain Special & Incentive (S&I) pays as part of the overall military effort to support our members and their families during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Pay and Personnel Center is now processing these claims in accordance with the following guidelines and procedures.  

If you are a member at a duty station ordered to quarantine or isolate in quarters at personal expense, without government reimbursement of any kind, you may be authorized for Hardship Duty Pay - Restriction of Movement (HDP-ROM).

HDP-ROM Entitlement:

HDP-ROM pay may be available if (1) your command orders you into quarantine or isolation apart from your existing private residence, or family quarters and (2) you incur an out-of-pocket lodging expense and no authority exists for reimbursement (e.g., lodging per diem). This scenario is most likely to exist when there are no suitable UPH rooms, barracks, or contracted quarters so the member obtains commercial lodging that is not otherwise reimbursed.

Payment is a flat taxable payment of $100 per day (regardless of actual lodging cost), not to exceed $1,500 per calendar month. Members authorized HDP-ROM are not authorized reimbursement for the full cost of quarters if it exceeds $100 a day.

HDP-ROM Claims Procedure:

a. Members may apply for HDP-ROM through their unit Personnel and Administration (P&A) office to their Servicing Personnel Office (SPO). Applications must be accompanied with the following documentation:

(1) Copy of order directing member into quarantine/isolation or restriction of movement. Such orders must include the beginning and ending dates of quarantine/isolation. (Template for memo order. MS Word file format)

(2) Statement from member that they are required to pay out-of-pocket for the cost of their lodging without full or partial reimbursement. (Template for member's statement. PDF file format.)

(3) Copy of the invoice for the quarters paid for out-of-pocket. Invoices or receipts for lodging with friends or family are not acceptable.

b. Unit P&A offices will review HDP-ROM applications for compliance with the conditions of eligibility and completeness and forward the applications to the unit’s SPO.

c. SPOs will submit HDP-ROM applications to PPC as a customer care ticket. Payment is authorized in arrears for the ordered ROM quarantine/isolation period.