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Frequently Asked Questions

(Q) I’ve signed a contract to go to YN “A” School. Can I switch to ME “A” School?

(A) The member may submit the memo request via their chain of command; however, CG PSC-RPM-2 approval will be based on Service needs.

(Q) I’ve failed out of “A” School because of NJP, when can I reapply for “A” School?

(A) NJP is considered a “fault” disenrollment; the member cannot reapply for 12 months after disenrollment. Contact CG PSC-RPM-2 for clarification if you were dis-enrolled due to fault or no fault.

(Q) I have a Top Secret Interim Clearance; can I be placed on the IS “A” School list?

(A) Yes, however you must have a “Top Secret” clearance approved and reflected in Direct Access three (3) weeks prior to the IS “A” School class convening date to receive orders.

(Q) What happens if my “A” School class is cancelled?

(A) If your “A” School class is cancelled CG PSC-RPM-2 will work with you to reschedule you for another upcoming class convening.

(Q) If I need an amendment to my orders, does CG PSC-RPM-2 complete the amendment?

(A) No, your unit SPO will complete any amendment to your “A” School orders.

(Q) Once I pick my class convening date is it guaranteed that I will go on that date?

(A) No, sometimes class convening dates change requiring students to attend a different class.

(Q) Should I submit an Electronic Training Request (ETR) in Direct Access for my “A” School request?

(A) No, you should complete a Reserve “A” School request form and send it to the Reserve “A” School Coordinator.

(Q) Can I change my scheduled “A” School date to a different date?

(A) CG PSC-RPM-2 may work with you to attend at a different time if there are student cancellations.