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Contact your local Health Safety & Work Life Regional Practice or CG SUPRT 24/7/365.

Office of Work-Life (CG-111)

Office of Work-Life : Sexual Assault Response Coordinator (SARC) Contact Information

If a Sexual Assault Occurs, Contact Your Sexual Assault Response Coordinator (SARC) at Your Regional Work-Life Practice.

Services can also be initiated by contacting any military healthcare provider *.

* In mandatory reporting states, such as California, members should contact only a SARC or VA to report a sexual assault if they want to preserve the option of a Restricted Report.


SARC Location Phone Name Email
D-1 Boston 617-223-3477

 Donna OBrien

D-1 Coast Guard Academy 860-625-1002
Shannon Norenberg shannon.e.norenberg@uscg.mil
D-1 New York 617-223-3477 Donna OBrien donna.m.obrien@uscg.mil
D-5 Washington, DC 202-372-4085 Angela Lakey angela.n.lakey@uscg.mil
D-5 Cape May 609-780-6152
Shari Freeman shari.n.freeman@uscg.mil
D-5 Portsmouth 757-686-4036 (office)
757-403-2414 (cell) 
Terrence Tanner Terrence.tanner@uscg.mil
D-7 Miami 305-695-2331 (office)
305-833-8274 (cell)
Mirtha Rivera Mirtha.R.Rivera@uscg.mil
D-7 Puerto Rico 305-695-2331 (office)
305-833-8274 (cell)
Mirtha Rivera Mirtha.R.Rivera@uscg.mil
D-8 Houston 281-464-4808
James Green james.g.green@uscg.mil
D-8 New Orleans 504-202-2367
Michael Jordy michael.d.jordy@uscg.mil
D-9 Cleveland 216-902-6352
Monica Reider monica.r.reider@uscg.mil
D-11 Alameda 510-437-3446 (office)
510-871-0114 (cell)
Nedra Barnes-Larriuex  Nedra.Barnes-Larrieux@uscg.mil
D-11 San Pedro 510-437-3446 (office)
510-871-0114 (cell)
Nedra Barnes-Larriuex  Nedra.Barnes-Larrieux@uscg.mil
D-11 Petaluma 510-437-3446 (office)
510-871-0114 (cell)
Nedra Barnes-Larriuex  Nedra.Barnes-Larrieux@uscg.mil
D-13 Seattle 206-217-6675
Jennifer Parrish jennifer.m.parrish@uscg.mil
D-14 Honolulu 808-842-2087 Work
808-291-7720 Cell
Lianne Casupang lianne.m.casupang@uscg.mil
D-17 Kodiak 907-487-5525 x5 (office)
907-539-1034 (cell)
Angie Erickson angela.m.erickson@uscg.mil
D-17 Juneau 907-463-2127 (office) Kelly Belinger-Sahr  Kelly.a.belinger-sahr@uscg.mil

If you are unable to contact the Sexual Assault Response Coordinator (SARC) above, or need additional assistance beyond the information provided on this website, please contact the Sexual Assault Prevention and Response (SAPR) Coordinator, Magnus Graham, HSWL SC, at (757) 628-4327 or email at Magnus.J.Graham@uscg.mil. If unable to get in touch with a SARC or the SAPR Coordinator, please contact the Headquarters Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Program Manager, Ms. Shawn Blaine, CG-1111, at (202) 475-5163 or email at Shawn.M.Blaine@uscg.mil.

Exceptional Sexual Assault Response Coordinator (SARC) of the Year Recipients


 Michael Jordy, D-8, NOLA, 2019


 Eric Barreras, D-11 Alameda, 2018
Jennifer Parrish, D-13  Seattle, 2017
Simone M. Hall, D-5, BNCR, 2016
Lauren Jennings, D-5 Portsmouth, 2015
Christopher Hooper, D-8 St. Louis, 2014
Kristin Cox, D-13 Seattle, 2013
Magnus Graham, D-5 Portsmouth, 2012
Tiffani Collier, D-11 San Pedro, 2011