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Office of Work-Life Programs : Spouse Employment Program Overview

The Spouse Employment Assistance Program (SEAP) is intended to assist spouses overcoming the difficulties associated with finding employment, especially during the relocation process. It provides comprehensive and standardized employment information and services at Work-Life Offices throughout the Coast Guard. Transition/Relocation Managers (TRMs) are available to guide spouses and family members on career planning, job seeking and resume writing, as well as to help them prepare for interviews and negotiate offers.

The Coast Guard recognizes that moving every few years creates career challenges for military spouses, especially when stationed in remote areas. SEAP offers family members a variety of resources to tackle those challenges.

The goal of SEAP is to help you learn how to get a job and maintain a career you enjoy, as a military family member, it is not an employment office or placement center.

The following assistance and resources are available within the Spouse Employment Assistance Program:

  • Computer access
  • Reference library
  • General employment information
  • Resume assistance

If you don't live near a Work-Life office, many services, such as coaching and resume reviews, can be done via the phone or email.