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Office of Work-Life Programs: Child Care Subsidy

The Coast Guard has established a Child Care Subsidy Benefit to help defray the cost of child care for Active Duty USCG Members and Reservists who have been called to Active Duty for a minimum of 180 consecutive days or longer.  This benefit is to help meet the needs of eligible families where the spouse/partner is working and/or attending school.  Navy Child & Youth Programs (CYP) is administering this Child Care Subsidy Benefit program on behalf of the USCG through the Navy Child & Youth Programs Fee Assistance Program.

The CG does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, age, disability, color, religion, or national origin.

Program Confidentiality
Discussions of the information provided to enroll a child in a Child Care Program are revealed only to persons with a need to know as defined in the privacy act statements that accompany the enrollment forms.

For more information and Navy Child and Youth Programs (CYP) email addresses:

NAVY CYP Email Contact

  • Family Support Services (PSS): FamilySupport.fct@navy.mil For family subsidy enrollment, enrollment statuses, Changes to Provider, submit Child Care Attendance and Cost Worksheet, etc.
  • Provider Support Services (PSS): ProviderSupport.fct@navy.mil For provider enrollment statuses, etc. This is not the location to find out about if claims and invoices were received.
  • Claim Support Services (CSS): ClaimSupport.fct@navy.mil This mailbox receives monthly claims, verifies claim accuracy, and then submits claims for processing.

Point of Contact
If you are unable to contact the Child Development Services Specialist or the Family Resource Specialist on your Regional Work-Life Staff, or need additional assistance beyond the information provided here, please contact the USCG Headquarters POC, Ms. Renee Podolec at Renee.L.Podolec@uscg.mil.