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Advance/Reduce One Member


This topic provides the data entry technician with general information and links to step-by-step procedures to properly record an enlisted advancement or reduction.


The information in this topic is provided to help you familiarize you with Advance Reduce One Member rules and terms. This information is only introductory. Refer to the references list below for official guidance on this procedure.


(a) Personnel and Pay Procedures Manual, PSCINST M1000.2 (series)
(b) Enlistments, Evaluations, and Advancements, COMDTINST M1000.2 (series)


The only advancements input by the HRS are:

(a) non-rated advancement;

(b) advancement of a member with a designator to E-4;

(c) advancement after a reduction

DA Procedures for HRS Users


Advancing a Member
Reducing a Member

Known Issues

The following are known issues with Advance Reduce One Member and Direct Access Global Payroll:


  1. The ​"Effdt" (Effective Date) field on the Submit Promote Advance Member Action Request is a required field. Submitting the transaction without an effective date creates a Job row with a blank Step and Step Date. The Step and Step Date fields are used for computing base pay entitlement.
  2. When doing promotions/advancements of any kind, those performing the tasks need to ensure the member's data is correct.  If anyone does a promotion/advancement using an effective date in the past whether through Post Board activities or APOM you will have to communicate with PPC if any JOB rows need to be updated. PPC will manage the JOB rows and ensure the pay is set correctly. Please be sure we maintain good communications with each other.
  3. "CS" already exists as a legacy rating: Until we get DA programmed, continue to advance Culinary Specialists (CS) as Food Service Specialist (FS) until PPC sends out email that the new job code for CS is ready for use.  CS is currently in DA, but it is for Commissaryman.

TRACEN HRS best practices for advancement transactions for graduating reservists

One of the more common errors that occurs with advancements related to "A" school is the out of sequence APOM transactions that fails to update subsequent rows.  This occurs when an advancement transaction is approved with an effective date that is prior to the most current JOB row reflecting in DA.  Effectively the HRS will have fired a PRO/NCP job row behind another such as PCS or reserve orders.  When this occurs, the job code which determines grade will not update the current row causing everybody to think the action failed.  The advancement, as long as it is reflecting in JOB, didn't fail, it just didn't update grade on the row above it and it won't pay the member correctly.  This can be verified by reviewing CG MBR INFO career summary where the rows will show out of sequence and the grade in the most current row will NOT be updated.  Once identified, these cases will have to be reported to PPC ADV immediately for manual JOB row corrective action.


Of particular concern is reservists attending "A" school.  Because of how orders integration works and fires/builds JOB rows for reserve orders end, there is a high probability that the "ROE" row will be built in advance of the date of graduation which all but assures that the advancement transaction completed promptly by the HRS but out of sequence will NOT work.  There is no preventative action that can be taken to avoid this.  The only recourse is early identification of the error and prompt correction by ADV.


PPC ADV's  recommendation for the attending HRSs is that every time an advancement transaction is completed, the HRS should review the most current JOB row to ensure that the grade expected to be showing really is.  The YN can do this either by opening up CG JOB DATA or running a quick CG MBR INFO report and noting the job code and grade.  We recommend with PCS members, that the HRS institute a process to complete the designation or advancement prior to the orders.  Additionally, where reserve orders rows may have been built in advance, to identify and notify PPC via trouble ticket immediately. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)



Contact the Pay & Personnel Center, Procedures & Development Branch, via e-mail to PPC-PF-PD@uscg.mil, with comments or questions about the content of this topic or the linked procedural guides.