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R 201301Z OCT 23 MID120000556940U
ALCOAST 403/23
SSIC 4600
A. Reserve Component Action Plan
B. Reserve Duty Status and Participation, COMDTINST 1001.2A
C. Government Travel Charge Card (GTCC) Program Policies and
Procedures, COMDTINST M4600.18
D. The Joint Travel Regulations (JTR)
1. This ALCOAST announces the establishment of the FY24 Inactive
Duty Training Travel Reimbursement Program (IDT-TRP) effective the
date of this message. The policy outlined in this message is
contingent upon expected FY24 funding levels.
2. Aligned with the Commandant's Intent to transform our total
workforce to recruit, retain and support our workforce, the IDT-TRP
implements goals outlined in REF (A) to restore the Selected
Reserve (SELRES) to authorized strength and advance benefits parity
for the total workforce. IDT-TRP is designed to improve readiness,
retention, and recruiting within the SELRES and advance benefits
parity with other DOD Reserve Components by reimbursing eligible
travel expenses for members serving in critical skills communities,
critical staffing shortfalls, and/or at understaffed units. IDT-TRP
is not an entitlement and is not guaranteed each fiscal year (FY).
COMDT (CG-R82) will conduct an annual review of IDT-TRP and publish
updated eligibility criteria based on funding availability.
3. During FY24, IDT-TRP will be rolled out in a deliberate phased
plan. Phase 1 timelines and eligibility criteria are outlined in
paragraph 4. A review and assessment will be conducted prior to
expanding eligibility in future phases. Implementation of all
remaining phases will be announced via SEPCOR.
4. Phase 1 Eligibility Criteria and Timeline:
a. Eligible members must be drilling reservists with satisfactory
participation during the previous FY, IAW REF (B). This 
requirement shall not prohibit new reservists, within 6 months from 
accession, from applying with Command approval. 
b. Eligible members shall have a GTCC account in good standing,
IAW REFs (B) and (C).
c. Phase 1 participants are only those members who are in
paygrades E6 and below assigned to a Port Security Unit. All other 
members of the SELRES remain ineligible for IDT-TRP during Phase 1.
d. A member's assigned duty station must be located 150 miles or
more, one way, from their primary residence, as recorded in Direct 
Access, and as calculated by the Defense Table of Official Distances 
(DTOD) using Permanent Change of Station/Temporary Duty route type.
e. Members who meet the eligibility requirements above and
desire to participate in IDT-TRP must coordinate with their Command 
to receive authorization from COMDT (CG-R82) prior to participation. 
The procedures required to request authorization are outlined on the 
COMDT (CG-R82) SharePoint site in paragraph 6. Reimbursement shall 
not be paid retroactively.
f. Waivers to eligibility criteria will not be considered during
Phase 1.
5. Reimbursement:
a. IAW REF (D), reimbursement for travel costs will not
exceed $500 per round-trip. Only actual costs and fees incurred as 
a result of travel between a member's primary residence and their 
permanent duty station may be paid as a reimbursable expense. If a 
privately owned vehicle (POV) is used, reimbursement is at the 
"other mileage rate" for the official distance to and from the IDT 
location and for any parking fees and highway, bridge, and tunnel 
tolls. Meal reimbursement requires a receipt and is based on the 
actual meal cost, including tips and taxes but excluding alcoholic 
beverages, up to the maximum locality meal rate and incidental 
expenses (M&IE) rate for the duty location. Authorized expenses 
are listed in the IDT-TRP Guide which will be located on the COMDT 
(CG-R82) SharePoint site in paragraph 6.
b. Phase 1 reimbursement is limited to 12 round trips per
approved member in FY24.
c. Reimbursement will continue at the discretion of
COMDT (CG-R82) and may be restricted at any time due to budget 
d. All IDT-TRP claims will be processed using the E-Gov Travel
System (ETS). A step-by-step guide for members and ETS Approving 
Officials (AO) outlining the reimbursement process can be found in 
the IDT-TRP Guide located on the COMDT (CG-R82) SharePoint site in 
paragraph 6. 
e. To receive reimbursement, members must submit an ETS travel
authorization and obtain AO approval prior to each round-trip 
travel. Failure to obtain travel authorization prior to completion 
of travel will result in a member being ineligible for reimbursement 
for that round-trip. AOs shall not approve an ETS travel 
authorization after round-trip travel is complete without written 
authorization from COMDT (CG-R82).
f. Members are required to submit IDT-TRP travel vouchers in ETS
no more than three days following completion of round-trip travel. 
AOs shall take appropriate action on travel vouchers within two 
working days of receipt. 
g. Individual units are responsible for ensuring IDT-TRP claims
are submitted in a timely manner. Approved IDT-TRP members who abuse 
the system by filing multiple late and/or false claims will be 
removed from IDT-TRP. 
6. COMDT (CG-R82) SharePoint Site:
(Copy and Paste URL Below into Browser)
7. POC: Questions about the IDT-TRP should be directed to the
Reserve Resource Management Division (CG-R82) at IDTTravel@uscg.mil.
8. RADM Miriam Lafferty, Director of Reserve (CG-R),
RADM M. W. Raymond, Assistant Commandant for Military Personnel
(CG-1M), and RDML Matthew Lake, Assistant Commandant for Resources
(CG-8), send.
9. Internet release is authorized.