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Pay & Personnel News Updates from our Branches

Competency Dictionary Updates February 2024


The Competency Dictionary has been updated effective February 2024: Competency Dictionary (a spreadsheet that shows all authorized competency codes and descriptions) has been updated by Commandant (CG-1B-1). 

There have been 76 competency changes since the latest dictionary was published, and changes since the latest update are in blue font on the spreadsheet. The changes are as follows:

29 Competencies created:

  • P&C1                     Proc/Contracting Specialist 1
  • FIN-S                     Financial Specialist
  • PROPSP1             Property Specialist 1
  • HRADVANC        HR Advancement Support
  • HR-PROMO        HR Promotion Support
  • HPSTL                    HPT Support Team Lead
  • HPSTA                   Human Perf & Training Analyst
  • CGRCTA               CGRC Talent Acquisition
  • CGRCCRL          Command Recruiting Liaison
  • CGRCFTS           Field Talent Scout
  • AMMO62            Tech Transportation of HAZMAT
  • AMMO51            Naval Motor Vehicle Inspection
  • AMMO29            Electrical Explosives Safety
  • AMMO36            Explosives Safety Planning
  • TACBCM            Tactical Boat Crew Member
  • PURBCM            Pursuit Boat Crew Member
  • AMMO74            Explosives Safety Officer
  • AMMO18            Basic Naval Explosives Hazard
  • ENVADV              Environmental Management Adv
  • ENVBASIC           Environmental Management Basic
  • STWACTH            Security Team Watchstander
  • POC                       Prevention Operations Chief
  • OS0033                 CG Global COP Operator
  • QAS-BM               OARS QA Specialist- BM
  • QAS-MK               OARS QA Specialist- MK
  • OARS-TL               OARS QA Specialist-Team Leader
  • RFOQA-BM         RFO QA Specialist- BM
  • RFOQA-MK         RFO QA Specialist- MK
  • CS-19                     CS-JOD (Jack of the Dust)

4 Officer Specialty Code created:

  • CGSEI251             Maritime Law Enforcement Tier 1
  • CGSEI252             Maritime Law Enforcement Tier 2
  • CGSEI253             Maritime Law Enforcement Tier 3
  • CGSEI254             Maritime Law Enforcement Tier 4

8 modified:

  • AIBCM                  Advanced Interdiction Boat Team Member
  • AVI144C               HC-144 Co-Pilot
  • AVI144F               HC-144 First Pilot
  • AVI144I                 HC-144AInstructor Pilot
  • CRYPTAN             Cryptologic Analyst
  • CRYPTDP              Cryptologic Deployer
  • CYBRIWO             Cyber Intel Watch Officer
  • SIGLA                    SIGINT Language Analyst

35 Inactivated:

  • 32TTBCM             32 TPSB Tactical BCM
  • ACOTHIII              CB-OTH-III Adv Interdiction BCM
  • AICOTHIV            CB-OTH-IV Adv Interdiction BCM
  • AICOTHV             CB-OTH-V Adv Interdiction BCM
  • AICRLEII               SPC-LE-II Adv Interdiction BCM
  • CROTHJAI            CB-OTHJ Adv Interdiction BCM
  • CRW45PUR         RB-M Pursuit BCM
  • CRW45TAC          RB-M Tactical BCM
  • CRWA22               SPC-BTD Tactical BCM
  • CRWLEOAI          SPC-LEO Adv Interdiction BCM
  • CRWLEOPR         SPC-LEO Pursuit BCM
  • CRWLEOTA         SPC-LEO Tactical BCM
  • CRWOTHAI         CB-OTH Adv Interdiction BCM
  • CRWSPCAI          SPC-LE Adv Interdiction BCM
  • CRWSPCPR         SPC-LE Pursuit BCM
  • CRWSPCTA         SPC-LE Tactical BCM
  • CRWUBTAC        TPSB Tactical BCM
  • CRWUITAC          MLB Tactical BCM
  • CRWULPR            CB-OTH Pursuit BCM
  • CRWULPRJ          CB-OTHJ Pursuit BCM
  • PBCMLRI              LRI Pursuit BCM
  • PBCMOTHV        CB-OTH-V Pursuit BCM
  • PBCRBSII              RBS-II  Pursuit BCM
  • PCBLRI2                LRI-II Pursuit BCM
  • PCOTHIV              CB-OTH-IV Pursuit BCM
  • PCRBTDII             SPC-BTD-II Pursuit BCM
  • PCRTHIII               CB-OTH-III Pursuit BCM
  • PCRWLEII             SPC-LE-II Pursuit BCM
  • SBP-BCM             SPC-BTD Pursuit BCM
  • SPCSTBCM          SPC-SV Tactical BCM
  • TBCRBSII              RBS-II  Tactical BCM
  • TCRBTDII              SPC-BTD-II Tactical BCM
  • TCRWLEII             SPC-LE-II Tactical BCM
  • DETWATCH         Detainee Security Watchstander