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USCG is still facing an issue in mLINQS with selecting the "assigned to" option from the drop-down menu and in the employee tab for certain states such as California, Ohio, Connecticut and Maryland. mLINQS has indicated that this is not a problem with the mLINQS software, but rather a browser settings issue with the Coast Guard (the settings are currently inaccessible to the average user and unit IT support). We are currently in communication with CG-9336 to resolve this issue as soon as possible.

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R 291914Z NOV 23 MID120000668245U
ALCOAST 474/23
SSIC 7220
A. Military Bonus and Incentive Programs, COMDTINST 7220.2A
B. Enlistments, Evaluations, and Advancements, COMDTINST
C. Coast Guard Medical Manual, COMDTINST M6000.1F
D. Performance, Training and Education Manual (PTEM), COMDTINST
1. This ALCOAST announces the results of the Military Workforce
Planning Team (MWPT) FY 2024 deliberations regarding monetary and
non-monetary interventions for enlisted and officer personnel.
Specifically, this ALCOAST authorizes Enlistment Bonuses (EB),
Critical Skills Training Bonuses (CSTB), Critical Skills Retention
Bonuses (CSRB), Selective Reenlistment Bonuses (SRB), and Aviation
Bonuses (AvB), as authorized in accordance with REF (A).
2. These interventions apply to eligible Enlisted Active Duty
Members, Active Duty Officers, Selected Reserve (SELRES), and
Reserve Members under Extended Active Duty (EAD) Orders. The
bonus offerings outlined in this ALCOAST are for FY2024
(beginning 01 OCT2023) and are expected to remain in effect until
the end of FY2024 (30 SEP 2024) contingent upon Congress extending
the authority for payments. Any modifications or discontinuation
of monetary interventions will be communicated via ALCOAST not
less than 30 days in advance of the change. Authorized FY2023
monetary interventions terminated on 30 SEP 2023.
3. The detailed interventions for FY2024, including their
respective amounts and eligibility requirements, can be found on
the Selective Reenlistment Bonus page of the Pay & Personnel Center
(PPC), Military Accounts Support (MAS) website at:
(Copy and Paste URL Below into Browser)
4. Selective Reenlistment Bonus (SRB):
a. Members meeting the criteria in Chapter 2.F of REF (A), are
eligible for an SRB. An SRB may not be paid for the same period
of service in which an Enlistment Bonus, Critical Skills Training
Bonus, or Critical Skills Retention Bonus is paid. Members must
continuously meet all performance and conduct standards, including
additional reenlistment criteria outlined in REF (B). Members must
reenlist to qualify for an SRB. Members extending their enlistment
contracts are not authorized to receive SRBs. Members must
satisfactorily complete the term of their SRB contract in the rating
for which they received the SRB. Members who fail to do so will be
subject to unearned bonus repayment. No waivers will be given for
members exceeding Time in Service (TIS) requirements for the
applicable zone.
5. Quick Ship Enlistment Bonus (QS-EB):
a. A $5,000, or as directed by Coast Guard Recruiting Command
(CGRC), a $10,000 QS-EB, may be offered in addition to education or
Guaranteed A-School Bonus to incentivize early shipping not to
exceed the maximum statutory authority bonus limit of $75,000.
Eligible applicants for the Quick-Ship EB must agree to ship not
more than four (4) weeks prior to the Recruit Training Company
Convening date or to the next critical fill Recruit Training
Company as directed by CGRC. Applicants agree to enlist and
satisfactorily complete a minimum of four years Active Duty
Service Commitment (ADSC).
6. Administration:
a. FORMS: Current applicable bonus agreement forms must be used.
The bonus agreement forms are located at:
(Copy and Paste URL Below into Browser)
(Copy and Paste URL Below into Browser)
b. Members must maintain physical readiness and medical standards
for continuous retention IAW REF (C).
c. Members considering appointment to the warrant or officer
corps may still enlist, re-enlist, or extend their contract without
electing to receive a bonus.
d. PPC receives a high volume of bonus questions and submissions.
Unanswered questions must be routed through the member's
Personnel and Administration (P&A) Office before engaging PPC.
Payments may take up to two (2) months from the
date a member's (P&A) Office has submitted a trouble ticket to PPC.
Refrain from contacting PPC about a bonus until two (2) months have
elapsed from a trouble ticket's submission date. If it is not known
whether a ticket has been submitted, designated yeoman should
contact PPC Customer Care for investigation. If no ticket is active,
submit a trouble ticket with appropriate bonus documentation.
e. COs and OICs are reminded that all members who agree to
obligate service and are within the FY of their end of enlistment,
or within the FY of their six (6) or ten (10) year active duty
anniversary date will:
(1) be counseled on their SRB eligibility;
(2) have the opportunity to read REF (A) in its entirety; and
(3) sign the appropriate Administrative Remarks, Form CG-3307,
for their personnel record.
f. Eligible members are reminded that they ultimately decide the
length of contractual obligation and actual date of reenlistment.
A reenlistment requires the member's signature acknowledging they
have read and understand the terms of the contract and have had all
questions answered to their satisfaction.
g. Members who previously signed contracts IAW REF (D) are
prohibited from canceling their existing contract to sign a new
contract to meet the requirements of this ALCOAST.
h. Members who were counseled about their SRB eligibility and
signed an Administrative Remarks, Form CG-3307, entry IAW REF (D),
but have not signed a reenlistment contract, are eligible to receive
a bonus in accordance with this message. Members must still meet
the remaining requirements of this ALCOAST and REFs (A) through (D).
i. For questions, members should contact their unit counselors
(typically, the Command YN/CMC/SCPO/MCPO) well in advance of
their reenlistment or extension date. Additional sources of
information include the member's P&A office, Servicing Personnel
Office, work-life staff, and senior Yeoman. For questions that
cannot be answered after exhausting the above resources, the
designated administrative support representative for that specific
unit may contact COMDT (CG-1M1) at: HQSPolicyandStandards@uscg.mil.
j. Special Assignment Considerations: Members in critical ratings
are encouraged to apply for special assignment opportunities.
PSC-EPM will work within each rating to ensure a proper balance is
achieved between special assignments and rating needs.
k. Members who reenlisted or extended between 01 OCT 2023 and
the date of this message due to end of enlistment in FY2024 or
obligated service requirements upon receipt of AY2024 PCS orders,
are eligible for applicable bonuses. Members who entered into an
agreement to extend or reenlist may submit a request to CG PSC-EPM-
1 to cancel the agreement for the purpose of reenlisting or
extending for a longer period to obtain applicable bonus.
l. Members who have already received Assignment Year 2024 orders
not covered by the Military Workforce Planning Team incentive
program are ineligible to recompete for a position covered by the
7. This message will be canceled on 01 OCT 2024.
8. Questions regarding MWPT policies outlined in this message or
other military human resource management matters may be directed
to Office of Military Personnel Policy (CG-1M1) at:
HQS-PolicyandStandards@uscg.mil. Questions regarding Class "A"
Schools may be directed to CG PSC-EPM-2, at:
9. COs and OICs must bring the contents of this ALCOAST to the
attention of all personnel.
10. RADM, M. W. Raymond, Assistant Commandant for Military
Personnel (CG-1M), sends.
11. Internet release is authorized.